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What Does A Gutter Gleaning Service Include in Melbourne

Gutter cleaning service is an important part of your property upkeep. Clogged gutters can cause water to run down the sides of your house or in your house causing damage to the exterior & interior creating an unstable foundation, slippery footpaths etc Too much debris and water in the gutter will serve as breeding ground for bacteria, mold or pests like (mosquitoes) So, although gutter cleaning is important for curb appeal, it also ensures the safety of your family and security of your house. You might have some questions about what gutter cleaning includes, such as if it involves cleaning of gutter and downpipes or why it is necessary to clean your gutters every year in the spring and fall.  

UltraVac is a gutter cleaning company servicing All of Melbourne, and the surrounding areas. Here at UltraVac, the gutter cleaning service includes cleaning the inside of the gutters and Downpipes. Our technicians will remove the leaves, twigs, dirt, water and weeds using our high velocity gutter vacuums. 


How We Do It 

Out professional gutter cleaning technicians will get on your roof with the relevant safety equipment and use our high velocity gutter vacuum cleaner and suck out all of your gutters and vacuum blocked downpipes to make sure the water can flow properly. This if by far one of best methods to get the best results. We will even take pictures before and after the service.

If you have ever had a company clean your gutters without using ladders and afterwards you found out that there are still a bunch of leaves and the downpipes are still blocked, you know how disappointing it is to have that low quality service. That is why UltraVac gutter cleaning technicians take pictures before and after the gutter cleaning service to give you a good idea of work that was done. Make sure you get your gutter cleaning before and After.



No one really likes to deal with the moldy and smelly debris clogging the gutters, never mind doing it on a high ladder. Having to work at a height makes gutter cleaning a dangerous task. It requires specific skills, tools, and safety procedures to perform good quality service. Climbing ladders to the roof level isn’t an easy task, especially for older people. The risk of falling off the ladder is there plus dealing with moldy and dirty debris requires special protection it is much safer to leave it up to professionals to take care of your gutter cleaning tasks.

UltraVac's professional technicians use ladders and special cleaning tools to remove debris from even the smallest of gaps.

Climbing ladders isn’t always easy, especially for seniors or elderly people, so you can rely on our technicians to do this dangerous work. Our team has had extensive training to ensure the safety of technicians and is also Working at heights and are liability insured. 

So, if you are looking for a reliable gutter cleaning company in Melbourne call 0434708372 to book your service. At UltraVac Melbourne, we can help you with all gutter and downpipe cleaning needs and provide you with the highest quality of service.


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