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Cleaning Over Flowing & Water-filled Gutters in Officer, Victoria 3809

Let’s dive into our customer’s recent Gutter Cleaning experience in Officer, Victoria 3809

It had been raining for a couple of days and the customer did not mind at first because first rain occurs naturally!

She had never had issues before, so she thought everything was okay until later, when she was standing near her window and noticed her gutters were overflowing with water.

She wasn't sure why but thought perhaps she had blocked gutters which the water-filled her gutters & overflowed.

Given that this was the first time this had happened to her, she immediately called for help.

With a quick google Search for local gutter cleaners near me she found UltraVac and seen all our wonderful reviews.

when that time came she grabbed our number and called UltraVac Gutter Cleaning & Our Customer Care Team booked her an appointment for the very next day.

This fits perfectly with her schedule so she was very happy with the prompt booking time. Our Customer Care Team were so happy to help.

Our friendly and professional gutter technician from Officer, went to inspect and save this customer’s Weed and Water-Filled gutters.

We arrived on time and quickly went to work. As always, We performed a quick inspection to see how the gutters were holding up. These gutters hadn’t been cleaned much, so their condition was pretty much worse for wear. You might think we’re exaggerating, but we are not, it is true!

Rainwater was trapped as the gutters were filled with so much soil it had turned to mud, and other stuff like leaves, tiny branches, bird droppings (ew!) and more caused them to fill to the brim. The water-filled gutters had clogged badly and formed little rivers in them. When we asked the customer, she confirmed that she couldn’t remember the last time she had her gutters cleaned. We could tell from what We had seen that Our trusty gutter cleaning machine and his arms were in for a tough ride. It was time to start what we came for so we got down to business.

The first step was to drain the gutters of water to make way for the unclogging of the downpipes. The amount of water was heaps and heaps! After spending a couple of minutes removing that mini river out of the gutters, We went to work with the downpipes. There’s always luck and hope in tough times and We thought the downpipes were blocked, which we could deal with by using our trusty machine on the back of our truck, but the blockage of the downpipes was only at its entrance. Phew! So, we saved two problems, and for the finale, UltraVac went on to finish the day’s work.

However, to be sure we had cleaned every inch of the gutters and downpipes, like a wizard and our magic, We took out our industrial vacuum cleaner to remove all the trapped debris in the gutters. After tidying the rubble, We had to check for rust in the gutters and scrubbed it off immediately to avoid corrosion that lead to holes. Sounds like a big job, mate? Our Gutter Cleaning Techincian was confident enough that he had been able to satisfy all of the customer’s needs and finish the day’s work and that’s exactly what happened! The customer was very happy when we showed her photos of the results.

Tough gutter cleaning requires the best gutter cleaners in the area. If you have troubles with your gutters and you don’t have time to clean them yourself, our team of Expert Gutter Cleaners are always on the go to solve your gutter dramas. Whether an Officer or anywhere in Victoria, we will be there! Call us today on: 0434708372 and let’s get you Booked In!


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